Harley Doles

Harley Doles’ Surrender Deal to KJ

Now that more has information emerged about Harley Doles’ resolution to surrender Lead Agency status in the DEC Annexation deal with Kiryas Joel, a.k.a. “The Monday Surprise”, we now have much more of an understanding of the underhanded manner in which the Monroe Town Supervisor wants to systematically dismantle the town in order to hand it over lot-by-lot to developers for high density development. Continue reading

Kiryas Joel

Kiryas Joel, rhetoric & responsible politics

As a resident of Monroe, New York, I began this website as a venture to bring together information with the public interest at heart. While we try to be fair and understand all sides of an issue, there will always be occasions where we need to take a position, especially if the other point of view’s concerns do not balance with the concerns of the greater community.

This post is no exception.

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