Let’s begin by explaining the nature and genesis of Suburbanites.com, both what it is and is not.

Suburbanites.com is NOT a political site. While it touches on the subject of politics at various levels (local, county and state), it does not purport to be an endorsement vehicle for any partisan politics. We will present information. Some of it will shine a spotlight on the less savory activities in politics — back room deals, guarantees for votes, corruption at all levels — but the information we provide will not imply endorsement of any political candidate or representative. We may from time to time expose corrupt activities that we expect would result in changing the views toward an individual if those facts are made public. We consider that to be simply the presentation of data and informed citizenry making conscious decisions.

Suburbanites.com is NOT intended to either support or malign any religious belief. Frankly, we couldn’t care less what you worship or how. Our country was founded on a belief in religious freedom. It was also founded on the principle of “separation of Church and State”. If you worship grasshoppers, statues of Buddha or the stars in the sky, whatever gets you through the night is alright by us. If we present content, it is intended for purely informational purposes only and may incite strong views. In no way should these be interpreted as “anti-religious” or “biased against any specific religion”, and definitely are not “anti-semitic” as has often been suggested. Saying that is both insulting to the many Jews who may share our opinions and community concern, and completely disingenuous.

We fully expect that many of our readers are proud Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists and members of any religion. If our statements are construed as biased against any religious belief, you’ve clearly misread us and probably need to reconsider your arguments.

Suburbanites.com IS intended to be informational and a catalyst for grass-roots activism. While there are grass-roots movements aimed at the preservation of the Lower Hudson Valley and neighborhoods of New York — Albany to Brooklyn and everywhere in between — there is only so much that each source can say or do. Suburbanites.com is designed as an independent voice to present information. Each grass-roots group may have their own agenda, and at times we may support those goals. But your support of those movements is your free choice as citizens, taxpayers and voters. Our goal is to simply promote awareness and help others find the information they need to make informed decisions.

And yes…this site WILL have a very sharp and acerbic edge. We’ll border on parody and satire of those most deserving. And we’ll accept valid and verifiable submissions of information. Please see our instructions for doing so. All sources will be kept confidential as permitted under the press-shield laws, and any clear evidence of potentially illegal behavior will be gathered and reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Readers are welcome to submit clear and verifiable evidence (not hearsay, not past legal cases, not minor gripes) for collection. We’re happy to do the rest.


We are you.We are you.

We are your neighbors.

We’re concerned citizens of the Lower Hudson Valley. We care about our community, our environment, our schools, our taxes, and most of all, our way of life. We’re the neighbor down the street or the mom shuttling her kids to and from sports matches and recitals. We’re the group having a beer at the local watering hole and talking about how our towns aren’t what they were, or how our political leaders are simply in the back pockets of special interests. We’re fed up, mad as hell, and not taking it sitting down.

We’re defending our homes and streets from encroachment. We’re defending our streams and rivers from becoming polluted and untreated sewage, or our roads from becoming 2-lane parking lots. We’re people who demand accountability from our elected officials. We are you. And we decided to dedicate this website to the mission of preserving the way of life that makes living in the Lower Hudson Valley so unique. We won’t always agree. We’ll probably anger you, incite you, and even make you think. But we share a common goal.

We are one.

We are a voice.

We demand to be heard.