Editorial Policy

Suburbanites.com operates under an editorial policy that is rather liberal and both allows and encourages community contribution from responsible submissions. All submissions are reviewed for their eligibility and relevance to the site’s main purpose. In short, this is not a single-person point of view, but the point of view of many others within the community who share common goals and ideals.

First and foremost, we present as a “news & information site” that may also present both opinion and editorial. Content will be classified accordingly and be clearly marked if the main purpose is to present either a stated opinion or an editorial point of view. We invite and welcome responsible replies and dissenting voices.

Our Editorial Policy is written as clear and simple language, and applies to all submissions and all matter presented on the site.

1. Content. Content should be substantially factual in nature. Any items of conjecture must be clearly identified as such at time of submission. All content is subject to the ownership and control of this site once published and becomes the property of Suburbanites.com for publication purposes only. The original author continues to hold title to their own Intellectual property (“IP”).

2. Material factual issues. Evidence of factual errors should be brought to the attention of the site administrator once found. If upon further research a published item is found to contain errors in content or fact, an appropriate correction will be made to the article and noted with the correction date. This applies only to factual errors within the content and not the entirety of content itself. In the event that a factual detail is found to be in error, only that detail will be corrected and all other verified and factual content will stand unless further proven to contain errors in their factual details.

3. Views Expressed. Contributions made to the site do not necessarily represent the views of the site’s owners. While it’s pretty likely they will, our policy of open journalism permits content with which we may not necessarily agree. The staff or management of the site should not be construed as in agreement with content unless specifically stated.

4. Use of Parody. Parody has been considered as acceptable free speech under several legal precedents, and has also been considered by the courts as protected speech. There is too much case law to note in this space, but any use of parody will be clearly identified as such.

5. Security and tracking. This site makes use of cookies and IP recording and tracking. Your use of this site, including the browsing of its content, implies your acceptance of this condition. If you do not accept, leave now and don’t return..

6. Attempts to deface or gain unauthorized access. This site makes use of several methods of secure control. Any method used to attempt unlawful or unauthorized access to this site will constitute a breach of terms and will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies with substantiating evidence for their action, which may include but not be limited to civil or criminal penalties. Your use of the site constitutes acceptance of these terms.

7. Commenting. This site uses a secure and authenticated commenting system. Contribution to the site is at the site owner’s sole discretion, and implies acceptance of the terms outlined in the registration for authorization and access to commenting and community features. If content included in comments is found to be legitimately offensive, off-topic, untruthful, or implies harm on another community member, this will constitute a material breach of the Commenting Guidelines and will result in actions that may range from warning to permanent removal of privilege from the site.

8. Revision and change. Please reference this page often. These rules and terms will be revised as appropriate and necessary. Your continued use of the site constitutes an agreement to these ‘Terms of Service” (TOS).