Why is the Monroe business climate so negative?

Monroe business

Who is responsible, and what impact does it have on Monroe business owners? Recently, the Monroe business climate has turned very negative toward local business owners, with many complaining of negative backlash from social media comments. The result? An ugly dialogue among… Continue Reading


Election 2016: Who really won?

Election 2016

The election is over, but what do the outcomes mean? Now that the Election 2016 cycle has ended, we take a moment to examine results and the true outcome and impact to Monroe.


Journal News Offers Lukewarm Brabenec Endorsement


Journal News Offers Brabenec Endorsement. Cites Brabenec/Wieder “choice…isn’t a great one”. In it’s recent candidate review for New York’s 98th State Assembly District, the Journal News of Rockland offers a lukewarm endorsement of first-term incumbent Karl Brabenec. It’s statement on the race, however, seems… Continue Reading


Steve Dibert, The “Cryptic Nazi” gas lighter.

Andrew Buck PMP

Steve Dibert, The “Cryptic Nazi” gas lighter. Who is Steve Dibert, and why does he call everyone a Nazi? Steve Dibert constantly calls anyone he dislikes a “Cryptic Nazi”. But his obsession with Nazis and accusations reveal an irrational person with… Continue Reading