Groundhog Day: Monroe Morty’s Winter Prediction.


Groundhog Day: Monroe Morty’s Winter Prediction.

We’re betting you didn’t know that Monroe has its own weather predicting groundhog. Like most places that celebrate winter and have woodchucks, Monroe is no exception. Meet Monroe Morty.

Groundhog Day

Monroe Morty has seen his shadow!

Morty is a fat little groundhog of undetermined age who’s sired generations of little herbivores, and now calls Monroe his home. Actually, he calls a burrow under my shed and workshop home, and has been there for a few years now. Each Groundhog Day, he emerges from his burrow to give his winter forecast. And his record is unblemished if you consider what his predictions mean.

This year, we can report that Morty emerged early this morning, just after sunrise, and did see his shadow. He promptly retreated back to his burrow.

Now we are unable to tell you what this means for weather. Groundhogs are notoriously unreliable weather prognosticators. After all, Punxsutawney Phil hasn’t been terribly accurate when you consider that he gives the same forecast for every region of the country. Heck, there’s no way he could win.

I mean, are you really going to trust a fat little rodent to know when to plant flowers or put away the shovels? If you are, you’re probably crazier than Harley Doles, and that my friends is a difficult feat.

All we can vouch for is what we’ve noticed with Morty for the past several years.

If he emerges from his burrow and doesn’t see his shadow, he’ll vacate the burrow early…and probably run around siring a litter of new groundhogs.

If he emerges and sees his shadow, it means that we’re stuck with him living under my workshop for the next several weeks. That’s a pretty safe bet since he’s been a resident in the same place for almost as many years as I’ve lived here. And he’s getting up in years.

So this year…Morty saw his shadow. This means another 6 weeks of winter…or of living under the workshop. I’m betting on the workshop. I’ll take my chances on weather.


Managing Editor