Supporting the Monroe Town Board

Monroe Town Board

Supporting the Monroe Town Board

In the past, this Website has been highly critical of the Town Board of Monroe, New York, for their nature of government. After all, they’re a very difficult bunch of guys to warm to and from an outsider’s view, they’d seem to be outright bullies in the way that they intimidate anyone who opposes their plans.

After all, they’re giving us a theater into which they’ve invested your hard-earned tax monies. Because wouldn’t you rather go out on the Monroe streets and roads to see a movie than to have nicely paved streets? They simply want to make sure the masses are entertained with their choice of movie entertainment, promising us “blockbusters”. One could easily get that confused with the now defunct video-rental chain “Blockbuster Video”, a business that didn’t exactly embrace the notion of having entertainment piped directly to your doorstep. But a stadium-style movie theater to which people need to drive so they can pay both their taxes and the cost of admission, plus pay the town for popcorn and Raisinets? Now that’s a business plan that we really need to get behind and help drive.

And let’s not forget the constant leisure-time value they bring us in the swan-and-duck-boats on Round Lake. No longer must we lug a canoe down to the boat launch, but thanks to our Town Leaders, we can now pay the town to paddle around in a really gaudy boat that looks like a tub-toy. Who could ask for better service, right? This is precisely what we need from our Town Government.

But most of all, they’ve managed to make 8PM on Cable Channel 22 entertaining again! We know we’re getting great value out of our obsolete BetaMax cameras with video quality that harkens back to around 1981, and George Carney giving us such great zoom-and-focus angles on our Town Board meetings. I mean, we can trust the version that our government gives us to include all of the content that really occurs at these meetings, and the time spent in these marathon executive sessions is certainly cut down when we get to watch from our recliners. Our Town Board would never clip or edit content out unless it was something about which we shouldn’t be aware anyway, would they? Between the shouting, the bully-pulpit of the Supervisor’s Board seat chastising any speaker with a question — I mean why would someone go and question an elected official, we can trust him, right? — it’s really made these meetings watchable again, and I don’t need to pull out a laptop and go to YouTube.

So with all that our board has done for us, we can forgive them not paving a few roads, or diverting highway funds to pay for a future entertainment mecca. And water? Hey, who needs anything like that? We should be lucky that we’re only living with a few busted mains and non-working pumping stations around the town. I mean, it could be worse and they could have switched the lines around from water to sewer, don’t even get me started on that sort of mess.

Oh, and let’s not forget the creativity of the new math provided by Peter Martin. It’s great to know that Learning Annex course in municipal accounting has started to come to good use.

And for Gerry and Dan, we need to give some proper recognition. Pound for pound, we’re getting our money’s worth out of Gerry McQuade’s seat on the Town Board, but we’re not paying him enough so that he can afford more than one shirt to wear to meetings. Seriously, he needs a pay increase. Then the passive/aggressive remarks from behind the table make our evenings all that much more entertaining, so don’t go by the cat-calls from the audience. Go by the fact that you’re really getting a rise out of the audience through those nascent accusations.

And Dan Burke needs a new microphone since they’re making him almost swallow his in order to be heard. We should be starting a fund to ensure he gets an amplification device that he doesn’t need to deep throat in order to make his points heard. Someone please help this guy out.

So we’re here to say…we’ve had some change of heart. Our Town Board isn’t SO bad, and we need to cut them a break for a job well done. So let’s extend them thanks on this…


Did you really think we were serious?

Managing Editor