Yes, Harley Doles really said that: Insane Emails

Supervisor Doles

Yes, Harley Doles really said that: Insane Emails

The Yogi Berra quote of “I really didn’t say everything I said” might just as easily be classified under the heading: “Yes, Harley Doles really said that”, especially with respect to his publications and e-mails. They’ve become nothing less than a legend and proof that “the mind is a terrible thing to waste”. 

Harley Doles really said thatWith one eye, the reader could absorb these Harley-isms and become enraged citizens. Then you realize, short of a cure for butchering the truth and anything else that gets in its way, Harley Doles is simply demonstrating his sheer intellect and his ability to make us laugh. Specifically, at him.

Usually, it’s at the sheer maniacal style of his meandering statements that generally never tie back to addressing the original question. In fact, it’s safe to state that Harley probably never reads his own mail, so no one can possibly know — perhaps not even Harley himself — his precise intent in responding. Perhaps it’s to prove to the constituents he refers to as Kiryas Joel’s “immediate neighbors” that he truly desires the intervention of a qualified mental health professional. Or perhaps he simply wants to make us laugh.

For the sake of this article, we’ve chosen to suggest the latter. And it wouldn’t be much fun if we didn’t invite you to participate.

  • Have you had an email interaction with Harley Doles?
  • Has Harley responded anonymously to a comment on The PhotoNews that seemed exceptionally “Harley-like”?
  • Did Harley dodge a direct question by asking you something completely irrelevant in return?
  • Did Harley throw the “Anti-Semite” term or “blame United Monroe” for everything of which he’s most guilty?

Harley Doles really said that.Now is your chance to share that with a growing reader-base and enjoy sharing a few laughs with others in the process. After all, who knew that when Doles was elected in 2013 as Supervisor that we would inherit such comedy gold within his writings and rantings. Share those with the world. You can choose to remain anonymous (unless Doles responds and provides an ad hominem comment citing the submitter, but that could result in even more humor and hilarity), or you can speak up with your email thread in response.

Send your submissions to our e-mail, and we’ll print these in a weekly column entitled “Harley Doles really said that?” Exercise your right to free speech because, after all, Harley doesn’t allow that in his Board Meeting public comments of 3 minutes per person (extended to an average of 8 minutes due to Harley’s own interruptions and intimidations). Submissions will remain anonymous at the submitter’s request.

It’s your turn to speak out, and our turn to share the laughter, hilarity, insanity and lack of grammatical structure that Harley’s provided us over the last year.

Submit today! (Please note: All submissions must contain the full text citing Doles’ direct e-mail address for verification, or be submissions made by Doles to other publications.)

Managing Editor