Monroe Supervisor Harley Doles’ e-mail tirade.

Monroe Supervisor Harley Doles

Those around local politics in Monroe, New York can attest to Monroe Supervisor Harley Doles’ e-mail tirades, as well as his rather disjointed and grammatically butchered commentaries. These are generally rambling affairs that refuse to address direct questions, or deflect toward criticism and accusatory rhetoric. While most are rather benign affairs, a recent e-mail released to this Website reveals a darker side that paints the majority of Monroe residents as hate-mongering, referring to his constituency outside Kiryas Joel as “neighbors”.

Harley DolesSuburbanites.com has obtained a copy of the email from a variety of sources, and a response from a Monroe resident in rebuttal. The email was first leaked through a grass-roots Facebook page. It appears to show the rantings of an individual who appears mentally disturbed and potentially a danger to himself or others.

Punctuation, grammar and style are butchered and resemble the work of an angry child, or someone “unhinged”. Beyond that, however, Harley Doles portrays the citizens of Monroe outside of Kiryas Joel as angry, hating, and in need of education. The email was sent to several individuals aligned with Harley Doles’ interests, including legal, ethnic, and religious advocacy organizations he implored to educate the “neighbors” of Kiryas Joel. This occurs in the wake of bullying and bias allegations stemming from the recent Monroe-Woodbury JV Sports Investigation.

Doles was described at a recent Town Board meeting as lecturing for 15 minutes on the situation in the Monroe-Woodbury School District — notably, an area over which Doles has no jurisdiction. Commenters took to Facebook to provide their own feedback, much of it either sarcastic or critical of Harley Doles’ methods.

The original email is provided here by a Monroe citizen, Andrew Buck, with footnotes in rebuttal. Buck also has provided his own response to Doles’ allegations of racism and hatred to counter Doles’ remarks. Both are presented in entirety: A warning to note that Doles’ allegations and accusations  are disturbing and hateful toward his own citizens.


In addition to the embedded footnotes in the document above, Buck provides his own response as a ‘private citizen’.

Harley Doles Rebuttal

Several individuals, including Buck, have described the content of this, along with Doles associations, “derogatory”, “slanderous”, and an “embarrassment” among other terms. Copies of the documents have been made available to various press outlets, Civil Rights organizations, and both the Orange County District Attorney and State Attorney General, in addition to the Monroe Town attorney. There is no word at present whether legal action against Doles or the Town of Monroe is planned by those cited in his email.

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