Who is Elisa Tutini? Know Your Candidates.

Who is Elisa Tutini? Know Your Candidates

Who is Elisa Tutini? Know Your Candidates.

As election day quickly approaches, this installment of Know Your Candidates tries to answer this question: Who is Elisa Tutini?

Know Your Candidates Elisa TutiniUnderstanding Elisa Tutini requires knowing some background about politics in the Town of Monroe, and even more about the bloc vote that supported her bid for State Assembly: Kiryas Joel.

Some quick facts about Tutini are presented in our recent Know Your Candidates piece on the Monroe, New York elections. Here are some additional items that are helpful to take to the ballot box.

  • Political experience: None. Unless you consider her working for the Town of Monroe in an appointive position, or her relationship with Town Councilman Dan Burke, Elisa Tutini has no political experience.
  • Employment: Consultant/Acting Director of Monroe’s “Dial-a-Bus” Service. This position required a Civil Service exam, which Elisa Tutini does not have, so she was hired into the role as a consultant to circumvent that requirement.
  • Campaigning: Other than occasional lawn-signs placed on public grounds, it’s pretty fair to ask the question, “Where is Elisa Tutini?” She’s done no other campaigning actively besides robo-calls to potential voters. Those voters may not know her primary support or positions.
  • Supported by: 80% of Tutini’s primary support came from the bloc voters of the Village of Kiryas Joel. If the primary election were decided without that support, Tutini would have placed 3rd of 3 candidates. Her challengers were Rockland County Legislator Aron Wieder, who was largely supported by the Rockland Orthodox Jewish vote, and political newcomer Krystal Serrano.

Next, let’s look at her positions on several issues:

  • Taxes: Supports an increase in the NY State Income Tax Rate, already among the highest in the nation. There are no guarantees of any offsets by reduced taxes elsewhere.
  • Regulations: Supports additional regulatory controls, including expansion of social-safety-net programs.
  • Wages/Education Policy: Championing a $10.50/hour minimum wage. No other education/job-preparedness positions cited.
  • Energy Policy: Opposes nuclear power, supports wind/solar/renewables, offers no suggestions for filling the gaps left by nuclear elimination.
  • Second Amendment: No statements.
  • Redistricting: Supports, fully supports Proposition 1 on the November ballot.
  • Kiryas Joel Annexation: Fully supports.

In fact Vote411.org is very clear that her positions take a liberal bent, focus mostly on already decided issues, but largely offer no solutions. Clearer than Tutini has publicized on her own. She has come out clearly aligned to, supported by, and in favor of the annexation of 507 acres by the Village of Kiryas Joel from the Town of Monroe.

But isn’t it odd that she’s simply failed to show up? Hasn’t been interested enough in discussing the issues to campaign? Talk to voters? Do much beyond the one-way monologue of robo-calls? Debate? Not really, since she is counting on the stake provided by the Kiryas Joel bloc vote, and potentially that of a significant number of the Jewish Orthodox in Rockland County. Tutini hasn’t shown herself as a candidate that takes your views or your vote seriously since her other support is a given. That isn’t a candidate that represents you.

Isn’t that enough? Albany isn’t a place for a political rookie taking a first-time shot a political office, and the 98th District has critical issues that won’t do well with someone getting on-the-job training. However, given that Tutini has taken no solid position on education — in fact, she has no formal education — it’s clear that he decisions will be made for her and that she will simply act as a rubber-stamp for the group who supported her for the Assembly Democratic Primary.

It isn’t too late to take a second look and say that Albany isn’t training ground for a political crony. Get to know Elisa Tutini, the candidate without experience, without positions, but with the KJ bloc vote in her back pocket. Tutini isn’t what we need in Orange County.

Say “No” to Tutini.

Managing Editor