Allegro abandons 98th State Assembly bid


Allegro abandons 98th State Assembly bid

Move Leaves a Two-Man Race Between Two KJ Supported Candidates

Citing “voter apathy”, United Monroe candidate John Allegro abandoned his bid today to replace Karl Brabenec in the 98th State Assembly race.

The move comes three days after his loss to Karl Brabenec in the Republican primary. That race was marked by bitter sparring between the two candidates and an eventual lawsuit filed against Brabenec for using United Monroe’s name for a third party bid.

In a statement, he cited, “We learned a valuable lesson from the primary election. Voter apathy is an epidemic. United Monroe has been working on the antidote for that for the past four years but there is more work to do.”

Allegro’s polling showed him running favorably in Tuxedo, Monroe outside Kiryas Joel, and Warwick. However, the turnout in KJ and a lack of wins outside of a Monroe radius resulted in his loss to Brabenec on Tuesday. Through a press statement, Allegro cited that lack of turnout as a key factor in his decision. It would also require more resources to defeat the entrenched incumbent, something Allegro contended wasn’t justifiable.

No thanks?

Rather than thanking his supporters, Allegro appeared to leave that to United Monroe chairwoman, Emily Convers.

“John Allegro ran a great campaign, and we appreciate his concern for our supporters and our organization in making this difficult decision. We appreciate all of the citizens who did turn out for the primary election for John, and we will continue our work in educating and enlightening the electorate.”

The apparent lack of gratitude from in his press statement, however, didn’t sit as polite or even cordial. After a divisive campaign that left many voters disenchanted, his remarks could be viewed as “sour grapes”.


The move also leaves voters confused. Many contributed to a lawsuit begun by Allegro to challenge Karl Brabenec’s third-party petitions and attribution with United Monroe. There was no immediate statement from either party on the future of any legal action against Brabenec. No statement was issued on any refund of those legal fees to donors, or re-purposing the funds.

It also casts doubt on the future political power behind United Monroe. Despite the emphasis on promoting Allegro’s candidacy, that didn’t translate to voting support.

AllegroOn the other hand, Brabenec’s response was more conciliatory and focused on voter outreach. “John Allegro led a fierce and grassroots campaign and I applaud his determination and efforts. Mr. Allegro’s decision is paramount in uniting the Republican Party in this tumultuous political climate against our Democratic opponent,” said Brabenec in a statement on social media.

There was no statement on whether Brabenec would continue to use the United Monroe third-party line, a move for which he was assailed.

Meanwhile, United Monroe stated that it will focus on “engaging and educating voters, preventing the Kiryas Joel land grabs, and electing local leaders who will promote accountability, civility and transparency.” Locally, it faces an election for Monroe Town Council in 2017.

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