Steve Dibert, The “Cryptic Nazi” gas lighter.

Andrew Buck PMP

Steve Dibert, The “Cryptic Nazi” gas lighter.

Who is Steve Dibert, and why does he call everyone a Nazi?

Steve Dibert constantly calls anyone he dislikes a “Cryptic Nazi”. But his obsession with Nazis and accusations reveal an irrational person with no grip on reality.

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MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert is a former hard-money loan broker who dealt in marginal loans to those unable to qualify through conventional means. He now allegedly makes his living by “investigating mortgage fraud”. It’s a living that should be pretty easy since he can always return to the same clients for whom he arranged NINJA loans (no income, no job, no assets) before the global mortgage meltdown in 2008. It was then that he suddenly transformed and found religion for his prior sins. And we say “allegedly” because we have very little indication that MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert actually earns a living in that business. Steve Dibert appears to have more than ample time away from his Florida-based company to focus almost entirely on happenings in Orange County, New York.

And that has ranged to everything from accusations against local radio station WTBQ, to various comments about Hudson Valley businesses. And gas lighting local civic organizations by falsely accusing them of being “Cryptic Nazis”. Steve Dibert is also prone to associate others who’ve never actually had any association. For example, this website/its owner and United Monroe.

Gas Lighting…

Here’s a big problem: It’s truly just “gas lighting”. It’s making an accusation that gets people uncomfortable or places them in a less-than-flattering position without any shred of evidence that they’ve engaged in the alleged behavior. That’s a real problem for a few reasons.

MFI-Miami's Steve Dibert

There’s a lot of bull in Steve’s statements

The most notable is known as “defamation”. He’s done this on a few occasions now. On his business website, he’s posted the list of donors who have contributed to the legal fund to fight Kiryas Joel’s land annexation. This is not itself a crime, since the information is available as part of public record. However, associating it with a false activity and not presenting any evidence is. It’s a practice called “doxing”. That is illegal in itself since it intimidates people on false pretense. If you were among those who were identified in MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert’s doxing events — meaning, you’re among anyone who contributed to United Monroe — we want to hear from you, so please send a note to this website so we can keep you informed of any future activities.

But let’s not give MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert too much credit for being more than an opportunist huckster desperate for attention.

Orange is the new Bloc

As you might recall, his activities began after he was rebuffed in his attempts to gain control of a Facebook page known as “Orange is the new Bloc“, a phrase allegedly ‘coined’ by his former associate Dominick Sammarone. We’ve previously provided the transcripts of instant messaging between Sammarone and Convers. As part of ongoing legal investigation, we removed those images and we will restore those once that investigation has been completed.

What MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert would like you to think is that this is all because of a perception that the activities of United Monroe and those who’ve supported their cause are a modern-day version of Naziism.

In fact, it’s not that at all, and Steve Dibert has never once presented any evidence for that to be the case. The reality is that the Facebook page wasn’t transferred to him, and he’s acting out like the schoolyard bully who doesn’t get his way; he picks on others and intimidates them. It shows poor emotional stability. It’s also sour grapes. Moreover, it appears MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert hasn’t understood the legal concept of trademarks and never applied to trademark the term. As a result, it’s also been used by other groups, including a volleyball team who setup their Facebook page in 2014, over one year prior to the notion that MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert might want it based on the comments of a business associate.

MFI-Miami's Steve DibertAnd that business associate appears to have distanced himself from MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert. Ask yourself why he’s still at it and whether he’d stop his juvenile behavior if he got his way. We can speculate on the outcome.

“Hello? Is anyone paying attention?”

MFI-Miami's Steve DibertDespite all of MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert’s huckstering, we did some background research. His Facebook Page for a now defunct radio show abandoned and ceded to him has gotten little if any engagement other than continued complaints by others that Dibert has removed. No one’s supporting him.

There’s little evidence that MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert’s website actually receives the number of readers he claims, since he contends that “MFI-Miami readers include mortgage servicers, finance journalists and the movers and shakers in Washington D.C. and on Wall Street. MFI-Miami’s readers include senior executives at Morgan Stanley…” We did our own checking on that count.

First, his website is blocked by WebSense at several of the major Wall Street institutions. These are the same ones he routinely criticizes for their role in the mortgage meltdown. Let’s keep in mind that MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert was formerly a hard-money loan broker, so he’s not exactly without fault in that regard. Moreover, he’s gotten no click-throughs to some of the links he’s placed on his article to the LinkedIn profile for Andrew Buck. We checked, and anonymous traffic was non-existent for the week the article has been posted, and none of the “movers and shakers” were among those asking questions or clicking through during the period.

All talk, no readers?

Steve Dibert

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So for all his talk about website readers, what we have is a lot of hot air and no actual engagement, which is the more accurate measure of a website. His readers are probably thinking that the man is mentally unhinged. Or, in the words of a couple of the “movers and shakers” we surveyed, “he’s a kook”.

A comment from one highly placed executive cited, “what rational person uses his business as a platform for calling people Nazis?” Other than an obsessed Nazi enthusiast. In fact, we had to research who Joseph Goebbels was. But Dibert apparently knows this from his continued reference to “Mein Kampf”, a book with which he seems keenly familiar. Obsessed with Nazis much?

So much for credibility. Apparently, no one’s listening. Or reading. And MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert’s article was quickly diminished in its SEO capability by the rebuttal article that we posted, which appears several listings ahead in a search for every search term he leveraged. Clearly, a legend in his own mind, but no one else’s.

“Sound like”

The best part of MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert’s recent article was this quote: “Buck, along with United Monroe founder, Emily Convers began using phrases that sound like they were ripped from the pages of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.”

“Sound like?” His evidence is based on an allegation that something ‘sounds like’ his own interpretation of a book that he once read. We guess he must spend a great deal of his idle time combing through Nazi literature to do comparisons, only to get the wrong interpretation. Heck, we think that a ham & cheese sandwich sounds like it might be a Kosher meal, only we have the sense to ‘know’ that it isn’t. Does MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert?

Who is MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert?

The answer depends largely on whether you believe his definition or the characterization of those who’ve disagreed with him. Our last article answered this in part.

He’s a man who has a spotty relationship with the facts and carefree in using defamatory terms toward others. He usually gets those facts horribly wrong, then makes incorrect assumptions without due research. He would like you to believe that he is a credible and successful business-person. However, the evidence suggests that many of his business associates have distanced themselves after negative interactions.

On Internet mortgage forums, he calls others “imbecile”, “jackoff”, “Douchebag”, “idiot”, and a variety of other colorful terms. That specific example cited only one discussion thread. There are a variety of others that transpired before he was removed.

A 2012 response to a rebuttal on Ripoffreport.com speaks volumes to how MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert conducts business. The salient paragraph is captured here:

“Steve, you have a bad habit of insulting the very group that would employ you. Look at the blog on MFI’s site. When more time is spent openly insulting potential customers and writing hit pieces on competition than on explaining theories or celebrating successes. This alone should be all the indication a potential MFI client would need.”

Indeed. As to his business — the one he uses to chase away clients — it is run out of a mailbox at a UPS Store in Florida. No further business address is listed other than a Boynton Beach, Florida apartment used to register his website.

That’s Where The Money…Isn’t?

MFI-Miami's Steve Dibert

Another Steve Dibert creation that libels a former Congressional candidate. This page has since been removed from Facebook as a violation of terms of service.

Yet, MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert continued to maintain a Facebook Page to covertly malign anyone who figures out his true colors. The page is very scattered and frenetic in content. It ranges one day from animal rights and “choking chickens”. The next, it’s pictures of WTBQ personalities and maligning their management. WTBQ was his original radio outlet for the airtime-paid radio show before the show stopped in 2015. And of course, derogatory pieces that gas light others as Nazis or Jew bashers without offering concrete evidence.

By the way, that’s called libel for anyone following along.

It’s a Facebook page that is difficult to understand, and appears to be nothing more than his personal bully-pulpit. It lacks any user engagement in comments or information about post shares that normally accompany an active page. It leads people to think that anyone who has “Liked” the page is simply using it as a bookmark to track what insanity he is perpetrating on other innocent victims.

Fear of feedback?

Steve Dibert removes negative comments and blocks posters to make negative comments from his Facebook page. We consider MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert rather thin-skinned and not very client-centric or professional, but then, consider that this is someone who continues to promote a radio show that no longer exists or direct traffic to a website that is primarily used to trash anyone who embarrasses him. We can sum it up in a word:


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