Donald Andrew Buck PMP: Truth versus Lies.

Andrew Buck

Donald Andrew Buck PMP: Truth versus Lies.

How Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami and Dominick Sammarone have lied in their public statements.

In the midst of chaos, it’s difficult to write a complete explanation of events. It’s even harder to respond to ridiculous accusations and smears. And I’ve recently grown tired of doing so. But for people who are interested in the whole story about Donald Andrew Buck PMP, I’m compelled to set the record straight. And for those who actually know me well, they’ll certainly vouch that I’m honest and a man of my word.

Dibert’s and Sammarone’s False Statements

Andrew Buck

Andrew Buck, who did not settle his libel suit as alleged by Dominick Sammarone.

There are a number of pieces on the Web that have attempted to smear “Donald Andrew Buck” as a “schizo” “Jew basher” who is sitting at home, broke and unemployed and has nothing better to do than trash two allegedly innocent people. It’s a tall tale, written in a way that spins them as the good guys.

But it’s also so blatantly untrue as to be comical.

Responding to the lies point by point is tedious. But the record of these individuals speaks for itself.

So for brevity, I’ll simply state what is fabrication, lie, and misinformation being perpetrated by Steve Dibert, his MFI-Miami Website, and Dominick Sammarone.

Lie #1: Dominick Sammarone settled his lawsuit against Andrew Buck for $49,500.

This is completely false.

The truth: My attorney’s response to his offer — Sammarone’s $49,500 request to settle — is that we declined. He was given 20 days to either serve a full complaint — which he never initially did — or drop his “suit”. To date, and to the best of my knowledge, Sammarone has done neither. My attorney even offered to accept service of the complaint on my behalf. His only response has been more defamation and more false spin. It is oddly ironic or hypocritical that the person who complains about lawsuits has now been behind two of them. So if his intent was to sue me, either he should do so or stop his complaining and drop his “suit”, such as it is. Just as he suddenly dropped his suit against WTBQ radio.

Lie #2: Andrew Buck’s original article from April 7th was defamatory.

Andrew Buck PMPThe truth: Now that’s a matter for the courts to decide. In my role as blogger reporting news and providing information, comment on public issues, and opinion, I depicted the facts. If Sammarone wants to present his claims in court, that’s his option. We have the right to present our contentions, which start with the Nazi name-calling he and Steve Dibert began months before. We’ll present facts, the courts will ultimately decide. We are confident our statements are protected speech.

Lie #3: Andrew Buck is unemployed, broke, “Banned from Europe”, my neighbors don’t speak with me, my wife is a “mail order bride”…

The truth: If you believe ANY of those, you’re easily swayed or don’t believe in fact-checking. None of those are true. All are pure fabrications at the hands of Sammarone & Dibert.

Andrew BuckFirst, I’m very much employed as a Head of Project Management for a major software company. The moment I disclose who that is, you can bet that Steve Dibert will publish more false information maligning them. And only because he might have a problem with me, not with anything I have actually said or done.

Also his past record of maligning people, dating to a Goshen Police complaint in 2014, shows that he seems partial to one picture he re-uses.

I was also never fired from Morgan Stanley, but I left to pursue other ventures outside the company. That was my choice. The company knew of my public activities, was fully disclosed, and understood that none of them were in any way “anti-Semitic” as Dibert and Sammarone have claimed. I was in no way forced or pressured to leave, but decided to leave the investment banking sector.

Second, I’m certainly NOT broke. There’s a reason I’m insured, and that’s to protect my assets. My Monroe home is not underwater, because Dibert clearly doesn’t understand how a mortgage works. They’re paid down over time. What was owed five years ago is not today’s balance, and housing prices have increased. Same with my other property, which is profitable if sold today.

Actually, the inability to handle a mortgage is what led to Steve Dibert’s own foreclosure in Michigan some years ago.

And still more of the truth…

Third, my neighbors know Andrew Buck. Dibert, to my knowledge, has never interviewed or spoken with any of them. I have. And those who have read his articles have commented on his deranged and lunatic rantings.

Next, Steve Dibert’s and Dominick Sammarone’s contentions about my Asian wife. She is absolutely not a “mail-order bride”. We met in New York almost 19 years ago now, she’s been here for about 30 years. So where would I have mail-ordered her from? White Plains?!? And why pay attention to someone practicing such outright bigotry against non-caucasians? It’s a hateful, racist and bigoted comment. Even for Dibert to make and Sammarone to repeat.

As for being “banned from Europe”, Steve Dibert never cites any sources for his allegations. Not once. Ever. But each day he seems to think up something new to add to the fire. If anyone believes any of this, I also have a bridge I can sell you. It’s Dibert’s twisted fantasy, and would never survive a competent attorney’s scrutiny.

Lie #4: Andrew Buck called Sammarone’s radio show in 2015 asking to speak to their panelist about sex acts.

Where does Dibert think up this crap?

Andrew BuckThe truth: I found out about the Dominatrix Radio episode that cost Sammarone his sponsorship only after it happened and in researching the original piece. In fact, it was Dibert’s Soundcloud hosting that provided the recording of the program. It had no — zero — redeeming value and little context about “Where the Money Is”. And Sammarone’s sophomoric softballs sounded more like horny teenagers than seasoned interviewers challenging guests on statements. It was apparently enough of an embarrassment that Dibert removed the show from Soundcloud.

For the record, I’ve never called the station during his show. Some of us work during the day outside the broadcast range, and don’t listen while busy. Corporate job. I have one. They don’t. Keep that in mind.

Lie #5: Andrew Buck is a Jew bashing bigot.

The truth: Again, wrong. You can ask my friends and colleagues who happen to be Jewish. Steve Dibert certainly hasn’t and won’t. Neither will Sammarone who has accused me of the same with no substantiating evidence. Here is the big difference.

I publish a website. This website happens to focus on Monroe, and Kiryas Joel as a by-product. News that may not show the government of Kiryas Joel acting in a way that considers the interests of its neighbors. It’s called “news”, and legitimate commentary on matters of public concern, unlike the libel published by Steve Dibert. There is a distinct difference between the “government” of a village and the religion of a majority of its residents. And I don’t care if someone is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Jewish. Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs. I have always made that distinction. Even my Hasidic and Orthodox friends will vouch for my being considerate and respectful of their beliefs.

Both Steve Dibert and Dominick Sammarone are mistaken in confusing my concerns over government actions with prejudice against religious beliefs.

Lie #6: Andrew Buck cried to the media about being denied the right to inspect elections in Kiryas Joel.

Andrew BuckThe truth: We never cried to the media. We stated our case, which now happens to be in front of a judge in Poughkeepsie and headed for trial. The six plaintiffs cited that the Board of Elections states the option of assigning election inspectors anywhere within the county. We claim the Board of Elections handled that assignment in a capricious and arbitrary manner.

I’ve since served as an election inspector in Kiryas Joel under a court injunction. Our suit is intended to provide ongoing clarification to how people are assigned. There has been only one other time that inspectors from outside the village were assigned. And that was at a time when the two political factions of the village were in a dispute with one faction at risk of being denied their rights.

The media has covered the case. The case has survived requests to dismiss at the appellate level. If we didn’t have a legitimate case, wouldn’t it have been dismissed? Consider that.

Andrew Buck: The bottom-line and final thoughts.

Steve Dibert has also made the statement that my attorney is not retained to file any counter-claim. Not so fast. That or filing any suit against Dibert or Dominick Sammarone has yet to be decided. His statement that he has not been sued for defamation lacks one key word: Yet. A host of people who have been subjected to Dibert’s abuse have expressed interest in legal action. Though he speaks about “his attorneys”, when asked for the name of his counsel to serve documents, Dibert has squelched and avoided a response. This does not sound like someone acting above board.

Steve Dibert appears to have no source of income, and Dominick Sammarone poses against cars he claims he’s ‘purchased with lawsuit winnings’. So it’s reasonable to question suing someone who, in the case of Dibert, has been bankrupt, foreclosed, broke, and, living in an apartment.

Dominick Sammarone just didn’t win this one. Nor did he settle. In fact, his suit was filed haphazardly and without substantive articulation of his claims in a legitimate complaint. In fact, he has never served a complaint. It’s sloppy, his attorney practices bankruptcy law, and his attempt at this suit was e-filed with no substantiating statements and very little content. Even worse? His attorney misspelled Sammarone’s name.

Andrew BuckSammarone & Dibert can concoct any stories they might like. They appear to have vivid and twisted imaginations to think some of this up. It’s still libel on their part. And since neither of them know me, anything about me, and like to fabricate stories, they don’t know all the facts. Moreover, they lack credibility.

A final note…

So our demand still stands: Drop the suit and walk away with nothing. Moreover, remove all of Sammarone’s and Dibert’s defamatory content. Otherwise, we’re ready for court. But we’ll fight our battle in the courtroom. Sammarone and Dibert would be well-advised to do likewise or go away.

And there’s more to this story yet to come.

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