An Open Response to Harley Doles, Monroe Supervisor

During a very long and contentious Town Board Meeting on Monday, July 7th, Monroe Town Supervisor Harley Doles once again showed the voters and taxpayers of the Town of Monroe that his ethical compass does not point to true North.

Unless you consider “North” (relative to the remainder of the town) to be the Village of Kiryas Joel, whose favor he has curried since his appointment to the Town Board. What are the chances these days of Harley Doles and “KJ” being mentioned almost in the same breath? Apparently…not so rare.

First and foremost, courtesy of United Monroe, let’s present the link to the video of all 3:23 of Monday’s meeting (cutting for recesses and Town Attorney sidebars with the Board members).

Reactions to the meeting were many and varied, most being captured by News 12 Hudson Valley. The Times Herald Record was largely silent other than a short piece that briefly outlined the exchanges from the meeting. (Please see the dated pieces on the Kiryas Joel and Monroe News Page links).

Every dog must have their day, and Harley Doles has had his own justification for his actions in a piece published Wednesday in The Photo News. For those expecting an erudite and concise explanation of his actions as being anything other than a “blame everyone else for the circumstance of my creation”…you can likely skip his statement, which avoids all use of the common grammar and spellcheck options available in any Word Processor for the past decade. For those needing validation or a hearty laugh, feel free to enjoy:

Supervisor addresses hot topics

Now we like a good train wreck as much as anyone. But for anyone suffering through the nearly 4 hour meeting Monday, “goat rodeo” is a term more apt. We couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by without providing a rebuttal to his disconnected and rambling discourse. Without ado, our open letter to Harley Doles:

I’m not surprised with Harley Doles’ response, but let’s call a few things out.

1. Mr. Doles introduced a resolution that was not listed on the agenda, intended to do so after public comment was held, and clearly slide this one through were it not for public oversight being done. To his claims that he tried to contact the Photo News, the media, and anyone else who would listen, I have one simple question: Why not list it on the agenda? If he had nothing to hide, why not distribute the resolution he proposed since he and the attorney from the Dickover Law Firm (Mr. Donnelly) apparently worked on it over the long weekend? It’s bull and we aren’t buying it.

2. We’re already seeing the copy of the resolution, and Harley Doles’ continued disingenuous comments and sheer arrogance are beyond description. That resolution, as stated, had no mutual provisions; virtually guaranteed that the annexation would be a non-issue since it essentially stated that the Town Board would not only withdraw itself from lead agency contention; would simply turn-over the 507 acres to a process that you believe should be led by a firm that the DEC well knows has been the subject of many of its violations levied against it; and, offers no recourse to the homeowners in the affected area who may not desire annexation. All items Mr. Doles well knows and that several of us added to the record of that meeting.

3. Mr. Doles knows well that the DEC itself has standing, despite others not having standing. Therefore, the DEC could designate itself as lead-agency, a move that would certainly let him off the hook unless he has promised something to Mayor Wieder and the leadership of KJ. Did Harley Doles do that? Because he’s certainly ready to give the store away to a community that has shown nothing other than contempt for any legal process and that cannot be trusted.

So a couple of points directed to Mr. Doles:
– If he wants to demonstrate “open government” as he continually states, don’t tell us but prove it to us. We’re unmoved by his words, but his actions scream loudly. Why does he think we’re screaming back?
– If Kiryas Joel leadership is so interested in what happens with our town, why do they conveniently elect to distance themselves from everyone else? Why has their leadership never once held an open village meeting in compliance with NY State Law? And they’re residents of our town now — why not come to a Monroe Town meeting since they’re held on the neutral ground within the town’s boundaries? What are they afraid of hearing in an honest dialogue?
– I would applaud an investigation, but the beneficiary should not be someone else as is Mr. Doles’ repeated habit of behavior to blame others for actions in which he is either complicit himself or just as guilty. If he wants to truly show he has nothing to hide, I’ll call his bluff.

Let’s contact the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and ask that he, as an independent party, fully investigate the Town of Monroe and its elected officials.

The charity of requesting that justice be done should begin at your front door, Mr. Doles.

Our point of view. Responsible replies welcomed. Anonymous attempts to reply will be derided and subject to every bit of ridicule due before being mercifully removed.

Managing Editor