More False Accusations against Andrew Buck PMP

Andrew Buck PMP

More False Accusations against Andrew Buck PMP

Piece misstates story, lies on lawsuit details.

Once again, Steve Dibert continues to take defamatory shots and post lies about Andrew Buck PMP. But he stepped in it by misstating the facts in his recent blog post, making even more false accusations.

False accusations…

Andrew Buck PMP

More Steve Dibert lies and slander? You bet!

In an article published on his business website, Steve Dibert, a blogger with ties to the New York region and a history of libel and slander himself, makes a series of allegations easily refuted. But because the ‘facts’ don’t make for compelling reading, Dibert has embellished those in an attempt to get attention. But credibility is a difficult task given Dibert’s own very spotty background and lack of professional information, as we pointed out in a prior piece.

Steve Dibert accuses Andrew Buck PMP of being a “Jew basher”. His claim is not supported by any factual evidence other than a tenuous claim that Buck’s activism mirrors other grass-roots groups. He also claims that Buck harassed public officials and disrupted meetings, neither of which were true and cannot be substantiated. Dibert describes this site’s content as “cryptic Nazi” propaganda, a term unfitting to the news content published on Suburbanites, and his claims of “stalking” and “harassment” lack merit or proof. Typical for Dibert.

Dibert’s history of defamation, libel, and inaccuracy.

This continues a pattern of using his website to libel people, as he and his business associate have done many times over with anyone with whom they disagree. Dibert has a love-hate relationship with the truth: He loves to post information, but apparently hates any of it to be true or accurate.

Andrew Buck PMP and Steve Dibert defamations

More bull from Steve Dibert’s blog?

Steve Dibert then makes a further accusation that Andrew Buck PMP “was terminated” from his employment with Morgan Stanley, a claim repeatedly disproven as Buck resigned from the firm in January to pursue other endeavors. Completely untrue. In fact, Morgan Stanley was fully aware of Andrew Buck’s activism, campaign contributions, and all political activities as required by the firm’s disclosure policies.

But none of those had any bearing on Andrew Buck PMP’s employment with the firm, and all of those fell within the operating guidelines established by the firm’s legal counsel. Dibert’s continued claims in this regard place him at a significant risk of his own defamation suit should he continue to publish known inaccuracies in information.

In fact, Steve Dibert often invites trouble, but fails to mention the details otherwise behind his own activities. For instance, while MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert’s business site concentrates heavily on muckraking in the Hudson Valley, it captures very little information on his alleged business, which has locations in Miami and a satellite office in New York. Calls placed to the number  for that business redirect to his cell phone, suggesting that his business only operates as a “cover” for other activities that remain unknown at this time. Also, MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert’s own Website publishes information but prohibits commenting or ability to provide feedback. It appears MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert is concerned about being publicly proven as inaccurate. His remaining Facebook page limits comment from outsiders that Dibert does not approve.

In fact, we wonder who has the time — or the lack of business — to keep posting fictitious information? Is business that bad for MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert? Or does he have a vendetta to argue on behalf of others?

Lawsuits, lawsuits, and more lawsuits.

Similar to the suit that Steve Dibert cites, a recent lawsuit filed against local radio station WTBQ for $500,000 was dropped without further coverage. We can only presume that it’s difficult to pursue a legal strategy that depicts the plaintiff’s own decisions, including their cancellation of their own radio show. But MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert doesn’t correct his story or offer any updated facts.

More interesting is the opportunist timing of the announcement of the $950,000 defamation suit, which was served just last week to all parties. Interesting in that the papers were barely served and the information was suddenly leaked about the suit and amount of the suit to MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert. It begs the question of collusion.

Andrew Buck PMP is offering no comment on the current action other than that the suit has been handed over to competent attorneys. Says Andrew Buck PMP, “Since the matter is pending litigation, we will offer no comment at this time other than denying Steve Dibert’s continued hate-filled rants and false accusations.” Andrew Buck PMP has retained the Albany Law Firm of Barclay Damon to address the suit and pursue a potential legal action against MFI-Miami’s Steve Dibert for libel. Sources indicate that Steve Dibert remains under investigation by several legal agencies.

However, it is notable that the attorney in the original legal matter reduced his financial demand from nearly $1 million to just under $50,000. Nothing speaks to a really poor case like an immediate move to settle for a 95% discount.

More information about Andrew Buck PMP can be found at generalnational.com

Coming soon: Class action to be filed against Dibert for defamation, libel, harassment.


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