Harley Doles & The Five Finger Discount

Five Finger Discount

Harley Doles & The Five Finger Discount

The banning of Harley Doles from the Monroe Theater by a 3-1 town board vote on Monday night came along with an interesting revelation: Harley Doles appears to be using his ‘Five Finger Discount’, having been caught on tape taking from the concessions at the theater without paying.

Five Finger DiscountIt’s been an eventful week for the “allegedly sick Supervisor”. On Friday, Doles created a disturbance at the Monroe Town Hall, demanding that Town Comptroller Peter Martin come out of his office and speak to a visibly unstable Harley Doles. The Supervisor was reportedly upset about information published in the Photo News which detailed the massive deficit incurred by the theater’s ongoing operation. Since publication of the information, Doles was now in the position of defending his refusal to address multiple Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests for the financials of the theater.

On the prior Sunday, he gave a real estate tour of the theater to a church from Westchester as a prospective buyer, without having consulted the rest of the town board about a proposed sale. The sale to a church group or other non-taxable entity would continue the property off the tax rolls for the town, and deliver no benefit to the community, something that Doles clearly knew by diverting this groups attention away from discussions of purchasing Eitz Chaim on Orange Turnpike. While playing tour-guide, observers noted that he was yelling, “The buyers are here…they’re selling the theater out from under us,” within earshot of patrons and employees.

And last Thursday, correspondence from Doles was published in the Times Herald-Record showing his erratic and manic nature through a flurry of round-the-clock emails.

The Five Finger Discount

During last night’s discussion of a resolution that would ban Harley Doles from interfering with the operation of the theater, it was revealed that the Supervisor was caught on video having “helped himself to concessions” without paying for them, according to Anthony Cardone and theater employees who either witnessed or watched the incidents.

None of these bode well for the public perception of Doles. That has become increasingly negative given his selective absence from conducting town business under the guise of “personnel leave” or medical leave for an upcoming procedure. Adding petty theft to the mix places Doles in the position of defending his actions on a criminal charge, should the town board wish to file charges.

Comments made by Councilmen McGinn and Acting Supervisor Cardone pointed to the Supervisor’s indecision on his leave, as he has been asked to advise the board of any accommodations to be made given his condition. Doles has refused to comply with the requests. Meanwhile, Doles has engaged in tasks while on leave, suggesting that the supervisor has issues both with his health and his ability to effectively govern the town. Stated McGinn, “A mature adult would not do that”, referring to his behavior and actions at the theater, including his leveraging the five finger discount for concessions. The 3-1 vote prevailed over the objections of Councilman Gerry McQuade who felt the actions were premature, suggesting instead that the board speak with the supervisor about his actions.

According to Cardone, he approached Harley Doles in his office on Friday about the doctor’s statement outlining what activities Doles was cleared for. Doles responded by repeatedly claiming that Cardone was harassing him.

Such a conversation would have been one way, given the Supervisor’s reputation for not listening.

Sticky fingers

Five Finger DiscountNow that Doles has added “petty larceny” to his repertoire, citizens of Monroe are left to wonder if there is anything this man won’t do.

In 2015, Doles overstepped his authority by detaining a Monroe citizen against his will as he was entering a local restaurant by blocking him in under an argument of “public safety”. Doles, who at the time was in the Village of Monroe, also called the State Police at Monroe rather than the Village of Monroe police force who had jurisdiction. Harassment and intimidation are simply tools used by Harley Doles to achieve an objective.

Stealing candy from a theater concession sinks to new lows, even for Doles. The Supervisor, who earns $64,000 a year in his post, shouldn’t need to resort to bullying or a five finger discount while he continues to be paid despite not appearing for work and missing multiple meetings.

Hopefully, the Supervisor won’t resort to fire-arms in his next attempt to keep his name in the headlines.

Your own story?

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