Monroe Supervisor Doles ejected over fracas.

Supervisor Doles

Monroe Supervisor Doles ejected from Town Hall over fracas.

Monroe, NY: As reported in various news outlets this morning, Monroe Supervisor Doles was removed from the Monroe Town Hall offices on Friday following altercations with staff.

Originally reported in MidhudsonNews.com, Town of Monroe Supervisor Doles — currently out on what he terms a “medical leave” or “personnel leave” — entered the Town Hall building at 1465 Orange Turnpike, Monroe, on Friday afternoon, February 5. He was reported as verbally abusive with staff, according to sources in the building at the time. Those present described Doles as both “intimidating” and “verbally abusive”.

Harley Doles was also reportedly upset with Town Comptroller, Peter Martin, who returned to his office behind a locked door until law enforcement was called to the scene.

Supervisor DolesDoles, who has been out on an undisclosed medical absence since December, has been asked to provide a doctor’s note before returning to his post officially. To date, despite repeated requests from the Town Board, he has not provided any documentation of his condition, specifically activities he is able to perform. In prior e-mails sent to the Town Board and media outlets, Doles indicated  that he would not provide any doctor’s note, arguing that the Town Board and Acting Supervisor Tony Cardone are not entitled to an explanation.

Police were called to the scene to investigate by the Acting Town Supervisor, Tony Cardone. Doles was removed from the building and ensure the safety of town employees. It is unknown whether Doles was armed or posed any lethal threat to employees, though those on the scene reported the Supervisor screaming various intimidating verbal comments, as well as uttering comments described as “odd”, alleging he was being provoked.

No arrests were made. Possible charges on the incident are being investigated.

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