So it begins…

So it begins…

This is as good a place as any to start.

This website was formerly a place for postings about a town in the Lower Hudson Valley. It published stories that were sometimes lauded, sometimes derided, and for more than a couple years followed and stalked by a troll.

The past cannot change despite that site going away.¬†And too much water has washed beneath the bridge. But it’s time to move on. Things have changed. The town in question has changed and those who made it such a divisive place, too, are leaving. We don’t yet know what the future will hold. But it’s truly time for people to go forward in their own directions. Continuing to open the wounds wider accomplishes nothing and I of anyone have known that since walking away from it more than two years ago.

As for me, I’ve moved on.

I’ve become so accustomed to the vicious rumours on social media that each day seems more ridiculous than the prior. Those who’ve made it a practice to troll me on the Internet apparently have all waking hours to do so. It’s time of which I haven’t the luxury, given work and other interests. My life is busy, filled with productive pursuits and a path beyond what happened two years ago. And although I’ve left this behind years ago and cannot undo the past, I live with a sense of regret about those decisions. Were I to have that decision again, given the knowledge of what’s happened since, my choices would be different.

While I appreciate the sentiment of others, some perspective is necessary. The biggest transgression of this site was that it published an article over two years ago. One that existed for about 45 days and received all of 300 page views, many duplicates. It was removed by agreement. Does that in turn deserve two years of a social media vendetta and blame for response pages? Probably not, though I cannot speak for minds of those who engage in that activity. I can only hope they move on as I have and take up other pursuits.

But they should know that I have no interest in any direct engagement with them, despite their social media comments and libel or continued phone calls. They should know that their own actions have also created anger in others. Those who they’ve wronged or upset — a number in the hundreds or more — are more likely to be enraged with their actions than I. I’ve gotten used to it, it barely registers with me.

Will I publish in the future? I don’t know. But my writing activities, in the future, will no longer venture into public information, or opinion or commentary on local goings-on.

To those with whom I may have disagreements, I bid you the peace you seek although your argument is far less with me than they believe it to be. And perhaps we can all move on in our own separate and more productive directions.


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