False: Andrew Buck PMP ‘Jew Bashing’ Accusations.

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False: Andrew Buck PMP ‘Jew Bashing’ Accusations.

Recently, a series of false allegations calling Andrew Buck PMP a “Jew Basher” were launched by Steve Dibert, a former hard-money mortgage-banker. His article is a libelous work of fiction not supported by facts, and that smacks of pure slander.

To say this is uncommon for Steve Dibert would also be false, since Dibert’s track record has been to allege false claims about anyone who appears to disagree with his own points of view. However, in keeping with the track record of this website, we shall simply state the facts and let you be the judge of what accurate information that can be substantiated, versus blatant fabrications.

False Point #1: “Andrew Buck, Morgan Stanley VP”

At one time, this would have been truthful. However, Steve Dibert isn’t one to fully verify information and he simply went by contacting Buck’s home-office phone and going off a dated LinkedIn profile that showed Andrew Buck PMP’s resume with his prior employer. Had Steve Dibert gone a step or two further and validated his facts with a call to Morgan Stanley — something an actual journalist might do before publishing something libelous — he would have determined that Buck no longer worked for the firm.

Perhaps that explains his voicemail greeting. We guess he didn’t spend much time thinking about that.

This isn’t surprising for Steve Dibert, either, since Dibert has a history as a former hard-money mortgage broker that used a site called “Broker Outpost” to arrange and broker mortgage money, largely apart from the major banks that elected to underwrite and retain prime mortgages. When that gig fell through, Steve Dibert resorted to becoming a “mortgage fraud investigator”. Perhaps the adage that “it takes one to know one” may really hold true.

An axe to grind?

And he’s been ready to hammer all of the banks — no matter their involvement in sub-prime mortgages or mortgage-backed obligations (MBOs) — ever since. LoanSafe.org is one of the largest user-participation forums in the mortgage industry, and its users have had a lot to say about Steve Dibert’s ad hominem attacks on nearly everyone.

As to Andrew Buck PMP’s participation with Morgan Stanley, Steve Dibert leaves out too many details. Buck was in Program Management in their technology division, in the Wealth Management world. Not Investment Banking. Not Finance. And certainly not lending mortgages. We suspect that headline wouldn’t make people read, so Steve Dibert wants to warp and mutilate the truth to meet his own fanatical needs. Andrew Buck PMP’s background doesn’t support Steve Dibert’s long vendetta against the banks.

False Point # 2: “Andrew Buck PMP Jew Basher”.

Absolutely False and totally unproven. This is perhaps the most egregious lie that Steve Dibert tells in his recent piece. And it’s a lie because there’s absolutely no evidence to support it. Because Dibert wants to paint grass roots groups with one brush, it doesn’t make the story true. Steve Dibert’s only remote link? It’s that he, and only he, believe that the grass roots groups in New York that are fighting bad Monroe government and land annexation movements are telling a story that only he believes reads like an anti-Semitic tale.

Unfortunately, there are people who could read a deli menu and link it to a conspiracy. It doesn’t make it true, though it makes the reader — or in this case, writer — appear to be a few cans short of a six-pack.

And here again is where Steve Dibert stepped-in-it with his claim. Andrew Buck PMP is not an anti-Semite. In fact, Buck explains in the following comment:

“My wife and I moved to New York about 14 years ago because he lived near Philadelphia. Neither of us liked the lack of diversity around Philly. We wanted the multi-cultural environment. My wife is Asian. She has a large Asian family. We have a ton of friends from all different backgrounds, so we wanted to move somewhere that embraced that diversity and welcomed inclusion. We eventually landed in Monroe.

“Anyone who suggests I’m a Jew Basher is both a liar and doesn’t know me, or stretching to find something that isn’t there. It’s blatantly false, and I have no problems with any religion, whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or Jew or any other belief you have. It’s all fine by me.”

Point #3: “Andrew Buck PMP along with a group of white christian suburbanites formed a political action committee named United Monroe.”

Again, false. There’s more than a few pieces of misinformation in that statement.

  1. Andrew Buck PMP has never been a member or on a committee of United Monroe.
  2. United Monroe is a grass-roots movement of citizens of Monroe and Orange County. It’s comprised of a number of people, many of whom have several religious faiths. Including Jewish. But Steve Dibert wouldn’t tell you that because it doesn’t make for sensationalized information. Just slander. Or libel.
  3. Andrew Buck PMP’s website has no party affiliation. It’s not owned or run by United Monroe or any other organization. It never has been.

This website has no objection to the actions of United Monroe, or the transparency they’ve brought to town and county government. But there’s no affiliation between their efforts and our information.

And those are just for starters. Here’s more inaccurate statements not supported by the facts.

“Buck tried to muscle their way into interfering with Kiryas Joel Village elections by again trying to pass himself off as an innocent poll watchers except this time Orange County officials weren’t falling for it.”

“Buck then went crying to a local TV station claiming that he was a victim of discrimination by the Orange County Board of Elections and floated thae idea that his rejection was part of some elaborate conspiracy between Orange County and Kiryas Joel. “

This is so slanted that it’s laughable. And completely false.

The truth: The case of Convers, Egan, Buck, et al vs. County of Orange, et al is currently in litigation. Anything that Steve Dibert says is simply conjecture on that case since he never contacted an attorney for the county, never contacted any of the plaintiffs, and never contacted the plaintiffs’ attorney to fact check. It is, however, the contention of the plaintiffs that the Orange County Board of Elections engaged in “arbitrary & capricious” behavior by denying the plaintiffs’ request for assignment, a fact documented by statements by Democratic Election Commissioner Susan Bahren on recordings that have been entered into evidence, and that are also available publicly on the Web.

As the case is in pending litigation, no further comment will be supplied.

Steve Dibert Andrew Buck PMP

Steve Dibert lies and commits libel in his false accusations about Andrew Buck.

So who is Steve Dibert and why is is spreading misinformation?

This goes back to a series of pieces that exposed an attempt by two individuals, including Steve Dibert, to demand that a Facebook page be transferred to Dibert and another party, under the premise that they had “coined” the phrase “Orange is the new bloc”.

Coining a phrase is one thing. Apparently, in absence of any knowledge of intellectual property, neither understood that coining a phrase does not represent any legal right to the property. And neither registered a trademark. It simply meant that they wanted a page, and would go to any extent to smear those who had it. And that includes targeting the wrong people as owners which they continue to do to this day.

Steve Dibert parlays himself as a self-proclaimed expert in mortgage fraud investigation, though several individuals have raised questions about this, and others have made direct allegations on his relationships with his partners. In fact, when anyone challenges his background, he lashes out in what we can only term as “an unprofessional manner

Sore loser or Smashmouth? Perhaps both.

However, these trivial matters are not relevant to a very sad and deluded man who declared a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Michigan in 1996. Though he likes to portray himself as the expert, he seems to be only the expert in demeaning and defaming others, perhaps out of jealousy, but we cannot say for certain.

But Steve Dibert loves to toss around smash mouth terms with people he appears to not like (check many of the links in this article). Facts don’t normally enter into the discussion because, well, they aren’t available. We’ve listed some of those links, but frankly, we’d be publishing another article just to review the behavior of Dibert toward anyone who engages him.

Oh, and noticeable toward any of his blog posts? No ability to respond to his statements. You see, it would appear that Steve Dibert wants to break wind in the elevator and promptly leave at the next floor so that others can deal with the stench. Great move for someone who only wants to debate his side of the story, but not be challenged on the facts. Or in Dibert’s case, his opinions, which usually have no relationship to facts.

Our bottom-line:

Andrew Buck PMP false claimsSteve Dibert is a typical schoolyard bully. While he claims grander status, he is simply a business-person, conducting his business, and apparently has a lot of free-time to be focused on things that are happening far out of his direct reach and knowledge. And he devotes a lot of his attention and website to trashing people with whom he does not agree, or whom he’d rather drag down.

This website will continue to take the high-road. We have proven time and again that we will publish what we can prove. And we’ll make sure that people know the difference from the facts and items that are our opinion. Steve Dibert is simply a seller of his opinion. We wonder about the professionalism of someone who would use a business website to trash people and then brag about it. It does not appear to be a very good business tactic, and we’d be very suspect of someone who used his business credibility to make derogatory statements about someone else to the point of not trusting or using them in fear that we’d be subject to being a “next innocent victim”.

What’s next?

Andrew Buck PMP, unfortunately, is the “next innocent victim”. Whether he takes appropriate action on this remains to be seen. But it does not change the nature of this website. We don’t aspire to be anything other than local, nor cover anything other than information in the Hudson Valley. And we’re fine with that and the engagement of our readers. Those aren’t the movers and shakers of the financial world that Dibert proclaims, but then he loses the plot on whether that’s our audience. It isn’t. And we doubt a website by an angry little bankrupt man is a destination for those in the C-Suite on Wall Street, the place he loves to malign so often.

But as for the accusations of Andrew Buck PMP being a Jew Basher or Cryptic Nazi? Steve Dibert will likely have his day in court to prove that, and we are confident that he cannot.

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