Donald Andrew Buck PMP: Truth versus Lies.

Andrew Buck

Donald Andrew Buck PMP: Truth versus Lies. How Steve Dibert, MFI-Miami and Dominick Sammarone have lied in their public statements. In the midst of chaos, it’s difficult to write a complete explanation of events. It’s even harder to respond to ridiculous accusations… Continue Reading


Harley Doles: His theater fundraising lies exposed.

United Monroe

Harley Doles: His theater fundraising lies exposed. In our previous coverage of Harley Doles and his theater fundraising efforts, we presented the emails showing that his supposed charity efforts were nothing more than a way to exploit Monroe-Woodbury students to sell… Continue Reading


Know Your Town Board, Monroe, NY

Dan Burke

Know Your Town Board, Monroe, NY: It’s been a well-documented fact via this website that the Town Board of Monroe, led by Supervisor Harley Doles, will stop at nothing to distort the truth and manipulate the uninformed in order to… Continue Reading